MCOPS Celebrates National Pharmacy Week from Nov 19-24

The 57th Annual National Pharmacy Week celebrated every 3rd week of November is set to be celebrated by the students and faculty of MCOPS. In an attempt to sensitize and spread awareness about the profession of Pharmacy, the MAHE Association of Pharmacy Students are to feature a myriad of activities throughout the week on the theme – “Pharmacists for a Healthy India”

Sports Day by VSO MAHE

As part of their Muskaan Project, Volunteers of VSO MAHE have been conducting Sports Activities for the past 3 Sundays which culminated with a Prize Distribution Ceremony at End Point Grounds. The Joint Coordinator of VSO MAHE, Mr Abhishek Chaturvedi gave away the prizes to winners.

Curtains Close on a Very Successful Manipal Flea

Food. Music. Games. Activities. Open Mic. Photobooths and so much more! Two days of absolute fun come to an end as The Manipal Flea draws curtains on a very successful event hoping to make the second edition bigger than ever! Here’s wishing them all the success! We had great fun liveblogging the event! ManipalBlog signs off from the Manipal Flea!

Manipal Flea – Terracotta and lanterns

Started by two sisters with a passion for handicrafts and clay modelling, ‘Bangle Bucket’ makes terracotta earrings and other jewellery. The launched their business on Facebook and grew from there over the years. ‘Chittaara’ was born when the founders started a search for the perfect lantern but couldn’t find one, so they decided to make their own.

Your Prime Minister Dead – Anuj Dhar’s Book Launched at Mlr Lit Fest

Anuj Dhar’s Your Prime Minister is Dead, a product of investigative journalism, was released at the Mangaluru Literature Festival by Capt Ganesh Karnik, Prof Shreeraj Gudi and the author himself. Capt Karnik then spoke about Netaji, Shastriji and the freedom fighters who’s deaths are still unanswered and shrouded in mystery.

An insight into Education in India – Mlr Lit Fest 2018

Indian Academia & Academia in India – A passionate and holistic debate on the Indian Education system with the experts and Audience alike is taking the event by storm with brilliant arguments thrown all around with Dr BM Hegde, Prof Varadesh Hiregange, Vishal Hegde and Ravishankar Rao forming the experts’ panel. The maiden edition of the Mangaluru Literature Festival is turning out to be one to remember!

The Idea of Bharat explored as Mangaluru Lit Fest is inaugurated

The maiden edition Mangaluru Literature Festival, gets underway with Genesis in the Chawadi Hall of TMA Pai International Convention Center, Mangaluru. With Dr Vinay Hegde, Dr Sandhya Pai, and Prof. Prafulla Khetkar inagurating the 2 day long affair, and each of them giving their insight into what their Idea of Bharat is.

Euphoria at Dhol Baje 2018

Dhol Baje ’18, the latest version of Manipal’s biggest event of the odd semester, took place at KMC Greens on 31st October. The venue was studded with students wearing ethnic wears which gave the event a festive pomp. It’s organizers, the Rotaract Clubs of MAHE and Manipal made it a point to make the event grand. Students from 22 colleges of MAHE attended this celebration of culture that unites the university. Food and chat stalls availed the students to stay …

Rashtriya Ekta Divas Run

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, observered as Rashtriya Ekta Divas, the police department of Udupi had arranged a 4 km run. Students of MAHE and other schools participated in the run along with the men’s and women’s police force. The run started at Tiger circle at 7 am. Enroute, participants encircled Syndicate circle and headed towards Endpoint where the run ended. The conclusion of the event took place with the SP of Udupi District …

PRISONS 101 by BLANK 101

Prisons 101 was an hour of dark talk infused with some solid humour. 9 speakers took upon themselves to enlighten their audience about some of the shadiest and also some of the coolest prisons in existence. While the speakers primarily focused on painting a correct picture of the prison environment in the minds of the listener, they managed to keep the room alive and attentive with just the right amount of humour. There were also talks about some attempted and …

Prisons 101 by Blank 101

Have you ever heard about prisons with video game consoles? Ever wondered about the lives of prisoners and the plotting of jailbreaks? Then Prisons 101 is the event for you. Brought to you by Blank 101, the public speaking club of MIT, this upcoming event will feature talks about prisons around the world, some clever and hilarious jailbreaks and give you an insight into the lives of prisoners and the general mentality surrounding them. Prisons 101 will be conducted on …

Alacrity – Electrobuzz Finals

Imagine being taken into a dark room and given 4 minutes to search for cleverly hidden and camouflaged objects. This is exactly what the finals of Electrobuzz had in store, a treasure hunt for its 6 teams as they fished for objects in the dark. These objects were then given to the teams to test with the Metal Detectors they built in Round 2. The team with the most number of correctly detected objects receives maximum points and ultimately wins …

Epsilon – Emergency Room Round 2

In Round 2 of Emergency Room, the 11 qualified teams were taken into a Room of Facts where every wall and door was covered with facts both Medical and Electronics related. The teams had a total of one hour to read all the facts and also answer a crossword based on what they read. The teams with the maximum scores will be qualifying for the final on the last day of TechTatva.


Hackotoberfest is a month long fest presented by DigitalOcean, GitHub and twilio where people are encouraged to contribute more in open source projects. Celebrating five years of Hacktoberfest, their tagline says “Support open source and earn a limited edition T-shirt.” One can stand a chance to bag a T-shirt by making five legitimate pull requests anytime between October 1st and October 31st. MIST, Manipal conducted their introductory event to Hacktoberfest on the third day of Techtatva in NLH 405, where they …

Alacrity – Mazer Lazer Finals

Mazer Lazer finals saw 5 teams competing against each other in a knockout round. The participants were given patterns which they had to replicate in water using lasers and optical instruments. 3 teams qualified for the final round where they were asked to let their creative juices flow and create a pattern of their own. Three stunning patterns later, the judges scored the teams and the winner was decided. The winners will receive a cash prize of 3k.

Constructure – Hydraulic Bridge

Constructure category hosted the “Hydraulic Bridge” event on the third day of Techtatva. The hydraulic bridge uses the basic principles of hydraulics and structural dynamics. They made a miniature model of the very famous London bridge which was placed on the podium. Teams of two students each were enthusiastically trying to replicate the hydraulic bridge.

IDS free counselling about Foreign Universities

IDS, an educational consultant firm owned by Australian Universities is conducting it’s free counselling session at NLH for the students who plan to do post graduation in universities of USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and UK. Students can meet representatives of each country and know about the entire process of admissions in foreign universities. All of the services of IDS are free for students.

Alacrity- FoxHunt Round 2

The Basic Workshop is buzzing with activity as the 8 qualified teams gather for Round 2 of FoxHunt. The workshop begins with an introduction of the ‘Yagi-Uda’ antenna and handing out of equipment and a sheet of specifications for building the same. This antenna beeps when its director wire aligns with the radio signal transmitted. The teams, now armed with solders, attempt to build their working antennas before 5 pm, in order to qualify and put their hard work to …

The Junk Compressors

To anyone who loves mechanical engineering, would definitely be a part of this event. The first round was conducted today. The round 1 of the event had two parts, one was to make low version of jet propeller car and a basic pen paper test. The question paper comprised of aptitude and technical questions related to mechanical engineering. The event saw good number of participants.The round two is set to be held on 6/10.

Recreate Da Vinci – Day 2

The second day of round 1 was conducted today. The last slot of the event was conducted around 5:30 and it  saw around 5-7 teams comprising of 1 to 2 members each. This round was basic pen paper test. The questions were basic technical and aptitude questions of almost medium to hard difficulty level. In the end of the round one only 4 teams are going to qualify. The results will be declared tonight and round 2 will be held …

Turing- Cryptocup

Turing gives budding Cryptographers the perfect chance to present and polish their coding skills through Cryptocup. Round 1 focuses on the logical and application aspect of cryptography, as the participant teams tackle a written Aptitude Test. The qualifying teams will pit against each other in a league event on 6th October. Anyone who missed out on the test today can attempt it tomorrow at 4 pm, NLH 304.

Constructure- Make Your Own Campus 2

Fascinated  about planning and  designing? Then attend this event  to design your own campus. You are given a map that has the roads from main gate to KC and  the temple run . You will have to place residential buildings , recreational and academic buildings. Factors like population density , number of buildings and amount of money required are considered. You will be designing an entire campus. Skills like urban planning, architectural and business are tested.

Alacrity – Electrobuzz

Round 2 of Electrobuzz hit off with the 8 qualifying teams learning about the basics of a metal detector circuit. The teams had an option between using a breadboard and soldering their circuit, the latter winning them extra credits. The participants were guided through the building of the circuit board and the coiling of the inductor by the organizers. The device used the principle of variation of inductance to detect the metal. The participants had fun learning and building their own …

Alacrity – Mazer Lazer Round 2

Alacrity has set up a world of optics for the 10 teams who have qualified for Round 2 of Mazer Lazer. Each team starts at a random point on their workspace, then builds a pathway based on directions obtained by solving a given set of questions. They get 20 minutes to line their pathway with mirrors and prisms in such a way that when a laser is shone from the starting point the image is obtained at the final point …

Alacrity- FoxHunt Round 2

The Basic Workshop is buzzing with activity as the 8 qualified teams gather for Round 2 of FoxHunt. The workshop begins with an introduction of the ‘Yagi-Uda’ antenna and handing out of equipment and a sheet of specifications for building the same. This antenna beeps when its director wire aligns with the radio signal transmitted. The teams, now armed with solders, attempt to build their working antennas before 5pm, in order to qualify and put their hard work to practical …

Constructure-Fire Escape

What will you do when you are stuck in a fire blazed building? What are the precautions adopted? Imagine yourself in a building that is torched and attempt this event.Here you are trained to escape fire in three stages. Stage 1 or the MCQs round where you are posed questions related to fire escape and precautionary methods used. Stage 2 that is the visual round where you are given a map of a building and you have to place fire …

Bizzmaestro-Time out

Want to play a quiz that tests your listening and memory skills together? Then please attend the Time out event. Here a series of questions are posed to the participants and some questions are accompanied with audio clips and hints. Most of the questions are of general and technical knowledge. all the questions are supposed to be answered with a limited time.

Constructure- Conkreation: Give a Dam!

Want to unveil the civil engineer in you? Ever wondered about the functioning about dams? Constructure presents Conkreation- an event in which you design and build a dam with bricks,cement and sand. The challenge is to design a dam with 22 bricks. Factors such as height, width and amount of cement used are considered. The first day is for designing of the dam with bricks and mortar. The second day will be plastering of the dam followed by curing. The …

Fox hunt

The event was organized by alacrity. The event was based on electronics. The event witnessed 12-15 groups each comprising of one to three members. The round 1 was held today and was a basic paper pen test. There were questions based on electronics and aptitude and there were out of the box questions too. There are three rounds which are going to be conducted on a stretch of four days.


A very interesting event organised by energia. The main mindset behind the event was to create awareness about human renewable resources. The first round of the event witnessed around 10-15 groups consisting 1 to 5 members each.The round 1 is a paper pen test. There were basic questions related to general aptitude and renewable energy. The second round of the event is to be held tomorrow.

Epsilon- Emergency Room

Epsilon is conducting the first round of Emergency Room and the participants are very excited. The event requires teams of 3, who are shown pictures of 10 medical and electronic equipment and given a time of 20 seconds to identify each image. Once they have their answers, they are asked to throw a plastic ball through the hoops linked to their answer. The event perfectly balances knowledge and fun and the participants are thoroughly enjoying it. The best performing teams …

HOVER RACE in Manipal

HOVER RACE’ the hover boat racing event of TECH TATVA is going on at AB5 building . The organizers are elaborating more about the event through a power point presentation . The event consists of a Hover boat making exercise, where the competitors have to make a hover boat model using the equipments given by organizers. The first round is only for making the boat following by the second round which will be on 5th October. The 2nd round will …

ElectroBuzz Techtavta’18

Electrobuzz – a fun yet informative event organized by Alacrity. Participants met an opportunity to make their own metal detectors and locate artifacts. In teams of three, young minds discovered old lifestyle. Engineering students turned into archeologists and made the event successful.