LAKSHYA – MAHE Guest Lecture

LAKSHYA club of MIT, Manipal will organise a talk on Food and Agriculture sciences by Supriya R Kamath. An Agripreneur awarded with the best women entrepreneur 2018, Mangalore and Best Emerging Tycoon 2017, she is one of the board of directors of POWER Platform Of Women Entrepreneurs Regd and Managing partner of Uttam Agro Industries since 2003. Date: 7th February 2019 at 5:45 PM in AB5, room 410 of the Manipal Institute of Technology.

Anubandha 2018

Held on the occasion of Karnataka Rajyotsav, Anubandha 2018, the zonal sports meet of Rotary Clubs of Perdoor, Udupi Manipal, Udupi, Katapady, Parkala, Manipal Hills, Udupi Royal and Udupi Udyavara has started off at MIT cricket ground today. The event began with customary formal speeches by presidents and delegates of the participating Rotary Clubs. Later everyone devoted their prayers to lord ganesha and a lamp was lit to symbolise the commencement of the event. Participants pledged to show sportsmanship and …

ASME brings you certified 3-D printing workshop

In today’s upcoming technology, 3D printing is one of the most interesting and significant one. Imagine designing a CAD model and seeing a life size version of it being built up in layers in front of your eyes. 3D printing is the most widely used additive manufacturing processes in the current industry not only limited to engineering. ASME brings you Certified 3-D Printing workshop in association with SkyfiLabs, Bangalore. ASME Members 899/- MAHE Students 999/- Non MAHE Students 1200/- Date- …

Indian Rover Challenge 2019

Indian Rover Challenge (IRC) 2019 , the second edition , features design challenges and technicalities , encouraging students from all over the world to provide solutions and move closer towards the next phases of space exploration. IRC is one of the largest robotics and space exploration competitions of its kind. IRC 2019 is conducted by the students of Mars Rover Manipal from Manipal Institute of Technology. Featuring a wide range of challenges and terrains , which imitate the terrain of …

Vedanth 2.0: Project Exhibition and Innovation Contest

IC ground floor has an exhibition of student projects participating in the innovation contest ‘Vedanth’. Along with some mind boggling projects by MIT students, there are also out station participants with equally interesting projects. There are special purpose robots, robotic arm, security system, ampule opener, device that detects brain waves, hologram, AI based video game to name a few. The projects of the contestants were judges by some of the senior professors and officials of MAHE.

Jansports Backpack Stall

Jansports, a brand known for its bags and backpacks has opened it’s stall in front of IC. The stall has wide range of backpacks and sling bags in its display. “The response to the stall by the students has been appreciable”, said representative of Jansports. Students are availed 30% discount on any bag they purchase at the stall. Their main attraction is the sling bags for girls and the leather bottom backpacks.

Operation Shut Out : Day 2

Operation shut out conducted its final round in AB5 206 on the second day of Tech Tatva. The event was based on the game of laser tag. Bots competed with each other where they had to defeat the other by pointing a laser beam at their LDRs. A small obstacle course was set up for the self-made bots. The final round was a sudden death round which lasted for three and a half minutes.

Cheminova: Clash of Chemicals

Clash of Chemicals, an event by the category Cheminova took place in the chemical laboratory in AB1. With a good number of participants, especially from the chemistry and chemical engineering course, the event started with a quiz round in which questions were aptitude and mathematics oriented. Participants were assigned respective teams on the basis of their performance in the quiz. Three such teams were formed for the round two. The round two was a treasure hunt in which teams could …

The Junk Compressors

To anyone who loves mechanical engineering, would definitely be a part of this event. The first round was conducted today. The round 1 of the event had two parts, one was to make low version of jet propeller car and a basic pen paper test. The question paper comprised of aptitude and technical questions related to mechanical engineering. The event saw good number of participants.The round two is set to be held on 6/10.

Recreate Da Vinci – Day 2

The second day of round 1 was conducted today. The last slot of the event was conducted around 5:30 and it  saw around 5-7 teams comprising of 1 to 2 members each. This round was basic pen paper test. The questions were basic technical and aptitude questions of almost medium to hard difficulty level. In the end of the round one only 4 teams are going to qualify. The results will be declared tonight and round 2 will be held …

Constructure- Make Your Own Campus 2

Fascinated  about planning and  designing? Then attend this event  to design your own campus. You are given a map that has the roads from main gate to KC and  the temple run . You will have to place residential buildings , recreational and academic buildings. Factors like population density , number of buildings and amount of money required are considered. You will be designing an entire campus. Skills like urban planning, architectural and business are tested.

Quad Combat

Quad Combat by Airborne is an event in which participants are taken step by step through the process of making a drone and then they proceed to make one. The drones made by the participants are then judged on various metrics such as stability and ease of manipulation.


The second round of Manipal-o-Poly pits 6 teams of 2 players each who qualified the first against each other in a Manipal inspired re-imagination of the classic Monopoly featuring locations from around Manipal to serve as properties and Manipal inspired Chance and Community Chest cards. The objective of the game remains the same as Monopoly.

Swadesh by Energia

Swadesh by Energia is an event in Tech Tatva ’18 in which qualifying participants from the first round will take part in a treasure hunt. Teams will be given clues in the form of riddles, pictures, etc. which they must decipher to find a location on campus.

Acumen- Manipal Intelligence Quiz

Day 2 of the round 1 of MIQ by Acumen experienced a great response by the students. The event has 3 rounds out of which round 1 took place yesterday and is scheduled today and tomorrow also. The participants are supposed to solved a set of ingenious IQ and logic based questions to qualify to the round 2 and then round 3 on Saturday. With more number of participants, the journey is tough for each one to challenge their mind …

Cosmicon: Invasion Round 2

Invasion Round 2, being held at NLH is up with a brain cracking quiz for the 4 qualified teams. The teams are given sample scenarios of planets and specifications of the animal species prevailing on them. The teams are expected to carry out needful calculation and analyse the scenario and write descriptive answers about the planets. Round 2 is all about showing perfection in less time. Qualifying teams will enter a more tougher stage in the competition, the third round, …

Foodies’ place to be

The food stalls, carts and vans lined up behind IC have made the place a tiny food lovers’ town. From gol gappe and pav bhaji to waffles and pizzas and from ice creams to golas one can eat a variety of items. The place already is buzzing with students and if not for the food one must visit for the amazing ‘Foodies’ street’ atmosphere built here.

Constructure- Conkreation: Give a Dam!

Want to unveil the civil engineer in you? Ever wondered about the functioning about dams? Constructure presents Conkreation- an event in which you design and build a dam with bricks,cement and sand. The challenge is to design a dam with 22 bricks. Factors such as height, width and amount of cement used are considered. The first day is for designing of the dam with bricks and mortar. The second day will be plastering of the dam followed by curing. The …

Fox hunt

The event was organized by alacrity. The event was based on electronics. The event witnessed 12-15 groups each comprising of one to three members. The round 1 was held today and was a basic paper pen test. There were questions based on electronics and aptitude and there were out of the box questions too. There are three rounds which are going to be conducted on a stretch of four days.

RoboWars 5.0 begins

RoboWars 5.0 hosted their first qualifying round in the RoboWars arena. A total of 13 teams competed in the arena using their self-made bots. Each round lasted for two minutes where the bots were tested for their mobility and destruction ability. For the destruction test the bots were made to destroy the box placed in the center while for the mobility test they had to maneuver the box from the start point to the end point. This was a no-elimination …


A very interesting event organised by energia. The main mindset behind the event was to create awareness about human renewable resources. The first round of the event witnessed around 10-15 groups consisting 1 to 5 members each.The round 1 is a paper pen test. There were basic questions related to general aptitude and renewable energy. The second round of the event is to be held tomorrow.

HOVER RACE in Manipal

HOVER RACE’ the hover boat racing event of TECH TATVA is going on at AB5 building . The organizers are elaborating more about the event through a power point presentation . The event consists of a Hover boat making exercise, where the competitors have to make a hover boat model using the equipments given by organizers. The first round is only for making the boat following by the second round which will be on 5th October. The 2nd round will …

Constructure- Conkreation: Give a Dam!

Want to unveil the civil engineer in you? Ever wondered about the functioning about dams? Constructure presents Conkreation- an event in which you design and build a dam with bricks,cement and sand. The challenge is to design a dam with 22 bricks. Factors such as height, width and amount of cement used are considered. The first day is for designing of the dam with bricks and mortar. The second day will be plastering of the dam followed by curing. The …

Krazysheet brings back the craze

Krazysheet, an event by Cheminova took place in the computer laboratory of the Chemical Department today. Starting with the round 1, participants were given data in MS-Excel sheets which they had to manipulate using basic Excel functions. The second round was a more tougher version of round 1 and the qualified participants had to program their excel functions to execute given tasks. The cheif motive of the event is to reminisce the sidelined MS-Excel software which is an important user …

Cosmicon’s Invasion starts off

The stage 1 of Cosmicon event Invasion started off at NLH today. It was a quiz round which tested the basic chemistry, physics, biology and astronomy concepts of the participating teams. The quiz will be a deciding factor in the qualification of the teams in the second stage which will be a more rigourous quiz round which will test the knowledge of the team members in astrobiology. The qualifying teams will reach the final stage which will be a face …

Electrific – Electropoly

Mood for Monopoly game? Then come and attend the Electropoly event that combines the principle of Monopoly with electronic devices. Here the participants have to design a circuit using electric components like capacitor, resistors and inductors. It is divided into board game round and building circuit. Factors like time, number of components are considered. Attend this event to learn how to design a circuit in an interesting and fun way.

Acumen by AIB

The event saw around 20-25 teams in their round 1. Accumen by AIB have three rounds which are going to held in the coming 2 days. The test had questions based on physics, chemistry , GK and biology. The question paper difficulty level was around easy to difficult. The participants felt the paper was average. The entire event has three rounds and the the last round is a theme based round. The theme of the round 3 is kept as …


This is one of the interesting events held during the TechTatva.The event is inspired by the traditional game Monopoly. It witnessed around 15- 20 teams having two people in each team. The event is going to have two rounds and the round 2 will be held tomorrow. The question paper level was intermediate and one could see a few tensed faces while some felt it was easy. There are questions based on buisnsess and other general things.There are participants from …

Pre Techtatva: Cheminova presents ‘Aquaventure’

The fourth and the last workshop of Cheminova held at NLH today had something very interesting on its platter. Inspired by the backyard science experiments, the event has come up with ‘Aquavanture’. Being first of its kind, this newest workshop was basically about the main Techtatva event of Cheminova also called ‘Aquaventure’, in which participants will have to make water filters by their own only with the materials provided to them. Judgement will be done by testing the water purity …

Pre TechTatva: Cosmic Con present ‘Genesis’

Cosmic con conducted their workshop, Genesis, for all the space fanatics at NLH today. The workshop touched upon planet formation and the various scientific phenomena occurring in space. It was structured in a random manner to make it more challenging and interesting for the participants. Through this workshop, the participants readied themselves for Cosmic Con’s upcoming event in Techtatva.

Pre TechTatva: ‘Cheminova’ presents “Clash of Chemicals”

The second pre-TechTatva workshop for the event, Cheminova, saw the participation of students deeply interested in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, held at NLH. The core committee members of Cheminova introduced the attendees to the intriguing world of chemicals using audiovisual aids. The main event will take place during the span of TechTatva and the participants will have to go through a Chemistry and Aptitude based treasure hunt. Overall, the event is interesting and has a lot to uncover.

The Manipal Conclave reveals an amazing lineup of speakers.

The Manipal Conclave has a stunning line up of speakers this year including actors like Jatin Sarna from Sacred Games, Jitendra Kumar and Shivankit Singh Parihar from TVF, renowned author Ashwin Sanghi, Kanishk Sajnani, an ethical hacker, YouTube sensation Prajakta Koli, ex captian of the Indian Hockey Team, Sandeep Singh, the game changer of Netflix, Radhika Apte and the former director of MIT Brig. Surjit Pabla. The official mascot of Tech Tatva, Nicholas Copernicus was also revealed today. Now everyone …

The Manipal Conclave Speaker and Mascot reveal

The Manipal Conclave team are going to have a mascot and speaker line-up reveal tomorrow at the Student Plaza here in the MIT Campus. Just like every year, even this year the Conclave Line-up is expected to consist of some famous personalities from various professional domains with their valuable experiences serving as a guiding beacon for the audience present at the event. Date: 19th of September, at Venue: Student Plaza. Be there at Time: 5:45 PM

LDQ is having its General Body Meeting for first years!

The official Literary, Debate and Quiz club of MIT Manipal is having its General Body Meeting on 10th September, 5:45 p.m at NLH-403 inside the MIT campus. This meeting is open to the Freshers of all MAHE colleges. With this GBM, you would come to know about the inside structure related to all the three domains and the working of the club, along with information about how to become a part of one of the oldest clubs of MIT.